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Welcome to Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas.
An Absurd Abundance »

Of Diamonds and Water

Most restaurants will give you water at no cost. A bottle might cost you a dollar and a half at a convenience store. And it’s nearly free from the tap – maybe not quite free, but cheap enough that most of us take it for granted and wouldn't lose sleep over pouring a half-finished glass of water down the sink. But deprive someone of drink for three days, and that person would probably give you diamonds or anything else for a few sips of the water that could literally save his or her life. Isn't it interesting what we ascribe value to, and what we take for granted?

This week, we’re asking questions about what we value – what we treasure – and how our treasure fits into this Kingdom perspective we’re trying to cultivate. These values come from deep within us, and when Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,” He is probing the depths of our character, rather than offering a quick fix to our immediate problems. God is jealous for our hearts; we can turn our hearts toward Him, or fixate on the many other treasures that attract our attention. What will we choose? Let’s work through this together on Sunday!


Randall Waldron

key texts: Matthew 6:19-21, Luke 12:32-34 (NET)