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Elijah Always Comes First

Does it ever seem as though following Jesus around Galilee might have sometimes been a little like following Willy Wonka through the chocolate factory? Or even a Doctor Who episode where a breach of dimension occurs – Peter, James and John suddenly see Jesus, Moses and Elijah chatting it up in a state of supra-creational glory. The very voice of God the Father rumbles from the sky, affirming Jesus’ relationship and identity.

And suddenly, everything is back to “normal.”

What the What?

Can you imagine how such an experience would have changed everything for Peter, James and John? Was every sense heightened, or did everything now look dull and small? Was there an “afterglow” like Moses had, or did the sweat and smudge and stain of walking the Palestinian hills seem all the more conspicuous on Jesus’ face?

And why in the world would their first question be about Elijah?

Let’s dig in this week and see why this was so important to the disciples...and why it is so important for us.


Can’t wait ‘til Sunday,

J. Ray

key texts: Matthew 17:10-13; Mark 9:11-13