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Welcome to Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas.
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What Do You Think ... About Thanks-Giving?

My dad was diagnosed with cancer many years ago. One of the positive and celebrated outcomes of his long treatment is extended life. However, one of its side effects is that his throat is constricted and he’s unable to swallow food or drink. If you know my father, you know that this is incredibly challenging because he has great passion for cooking, eating and all that surrounds. He’s never said that fully enjoying Thanksgiving is a challenge for him, but I’m guessing that it is.

Or is it?

In some ways, gratitude helps us make sense of the past and gives us vision for the future. My dad’s great joy and appreciation of good food and drink has the potential to make him more grateful for what he had, but it also sharpens his awareness of its loss. Reflecting thankfully on the past elevates the ordinary and raises the value of the life we enjoy through Christ to a new level.

Throughout scripture, we’re instructed to give thanks to God in all circumstances. So that’s what we’ll do on Sunday by answering a question: In light of our confession that Jesus is the Son of God, what do we have to be thankful for?


Alex Cornett


key text: Colossians 3:15-17 (NET)