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Welcome to Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas.
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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

For me, distractions are coming faster and furiouser (new word!). My attention may not be diagnosably (real word!) deficient, but I feel the deficit. For instance: I have two big volunteer activities, which I LOVE, that are just blowing up right now--distracting me remarkably. For another instance: My #1 productivity challenge, whether in the office or at home, is avoiding the distractions that a “world of information one click away” presents to me. Martha and Mary are about to receive the Master--Jesus--into their home. What could be more worthy of their attention than that? Yet there are real headwinds that will push their domestic boat around in the opposite direction. I bet there are some diagnosable PAD issues here (PRESENCE ATTENTION DEFICIENCY--not a real medical condition!). Let’s see what happens when Jesus & His posse get there. We should know by now that something unexpected is coming!

See you Sunday,


Mike Malony

key text: Luke 10:38-42 (NET)