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The Cost of Mercy (Part 1)

It's interesting how the implications of an entire story can hinge on just one word.

Our text this week focuses on Jesus's last days on earth, which began on the back of a donkey and ended outside an empty tomb. His entire life pointed to this moment, when His submission to God's will would buy our salvation. By submitting to God's plan, Jesus would not only disappoint and anger the crowd that welcomed Him to Jerusalem, He'd also energize the forces that put Him on a cross.

We know by heart how the week played out, but one word tells us it could have ended very differently. "Submission" is thoughtful, on-purpose obedience. It tells us Jesus chose the cross; and, maybe more importantly, that He could have walked away without ever looking back. Maybe that's not such a big deal if He knew everything would turn out alright. But what if He didn't? What if He chose obedience without foresight or guarantees, simply out of His deep and unfathomable love for us?

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, let's take the text apart and look for some answers. Because we can't value His gift until we understand His sacrifice.


Can't wait 'til Sunday,

J. Ray


key text: Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40 (NET)