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If you'd like to worship with us, you'll find us on Sunday mornings in Person at starting October 1st at the Central United Methodist Chapel on Dickson Street in Fayetteville at 4:30pm, as well as Facebook Live at the same time.

We have always believed a building does not make a church; people do.

We know that everything begins and ends in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son. We affirm that He’s the Messiah, that we’re created to worship  Him and to walk out our faith in community with other believers.


The folks who are part of our Grace Church family come from different cultures, faith traditions, points of view. Which makes for some interesting conversations as we figure out together what it means to live in the Kingdom every day. To learn from each other. Listen to each other. Pray for each other. Fellowship with each other. Lean on each other. Learn from each other. Encourage each other.


We’d love to get to know you, and we invite you to know us. It’s through friendship and relationship that you’ll get the clearest picture of who we are. We hope you’ll join us.





Jesus is everything — the image of the unseen God, revealed in Scripture, author and creator of everything.


The Church belongs to Him; we’re transformed by His life, death and resurrection, and we want that to show in the way we live. You can learn more about our beliefs, as well as our mission and vision, here.


There's not a creed or confession of faith that fully  reflects what we believe as followers of Christ.


We’ve adopted the Nicene Creed because it best expresses our unity and sanctity, our connection with traditions handed down by Jesus’s apostles and our acknowledgement that our faith is absolutely built on Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

There are many different religious traditions and experiences represented by the people in our faith community, but Grace Church doesn't look exactly like any of them.


We hope the way we’ve chosen to organize ourselves shows what we’re most committed to: the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ, the value of shared leadership and the importance of reflecting the Kingdom as we love, live and serve. Because it’s the work of the Holy Spirit in us all that enables the spiritual growth and prospering of the Church, the way we do things best reflects what we believe the Bible teaches us about how to live in community as brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are areas of responsibility at Grace that are coordinated by teams to help us carry out ministry. Becoming part of our faith community everyone is encouraged to get involved when you see a need you can help fill in any area.


Instead of a senior pastor, we have a group of teachers who take turns leading us on Sunday mornings. They pray, study and prepare together with teams that weigh in on the message, music and logistics of every worship service.


We believe the New Testament offers us a model for leadership that encourages everyone to be involved in ministry. That’s the example we follow: In submission to the absolute authority of Jesus Christ, we want to use whatever He’s gifted us with in pursuit of our mission and vision as a Church — to love, live and serve in His name. 

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