June 28, 2016

Sometimes I thought it was because I was adopted, and I’d heard my parents had waited nine long years to get a baby of their own. Other times I thought it was because my mom came from a long line of packrats. Whatever the reason, I am the proud owner of a baby book tha...

June 23, 2016

Every time I hear “Sweet Caroline,” I think about my dad’s dogged, fan-boy assertion that Neil Diamond is hands-down the most under-appreciated artist of our time. Possibly since the dawn of time.

I kind of secretly agree a little bit, although I’d never say so out loud...

June 14, 2016

“Sin, he reflected, is not what it is usually thought to be; it is not to steal and tell lies. Sin is for one man to walk brutally over the life of another and to be quite oblivious of the wounds it has left behind. And then for the first time, a real prayer rose up in...

June 1, 2016

I love the scene in O Brother, Where Art Thou? when George Clooney’s character Everett is trying to talk his kids into accepting him back as their father, as the “paterfamila,” in spite of the fact that his wife has told them he was hit by a train and killed. Their mai...

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