January 25, 2017

Mike Hansen is a unique individual, something of a hero to me as well as a friend. You might not think it when you first meet him, because he’s humble and unassuming, but the dude is a stud. He’s a graduate of West Point and a combat aviation veteran, and he has a mast...

January 20, 2017

I spotted him early on in the service.

He was just sitting there slumped back in his chair. Because of the distance between us, I couldn’t quite tell whether his eyes had completely rolled back into his head or if they might have actually been closed. In either case, it...

January 12, 2017

Let me confess right up front: I spend a lot of worship time at Grace Church looking out of that window over the baptistery. Whoever thought that up was a genius. And that tree! Regardless the season, it's been a delight to behold.

Until now.

Because we had no real fall,...

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