September 28, 2017

Dad is pushing 90 and has dementia. As one friend recently said, “He's way out of warranty.”

But other than the brain-wasting disease, and the general feebleness that comes with having torn so many pages off the calendar, he’s in remarkably good health. It’s just the de...

September 15, 2017

My dad sits on our porch and fidgets with his cigar. Napping and smoking fill most of Jack Ray’s days now. His cigars are bundle-packed Churchills, pungent and imposing. He smokes two, sometimes three a day.

And he asks questions: “Where’s Diane? Are you going to take m...

September 8, 2017

“Sis, let’s take a drive to Jiggs and Maude’s to see the dogwoods and redbuds,” my granddad would say on a sweet spring day when we visited at Easter time. My mom and I would load into their boat of a car, Mom in front to enjoy the opportunity to be close to her dad, a...

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