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A Grace Group is like a family within a family.  It’s where close friendships are formed, where members live life together rooted in the Gospel, where it’s safe to be authentic.

  It’s a place to worship, pray, study and learn to apply God’s word. It’s a small and welcoming community that demonstrates how to show love, mercy and grace anchored in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 


Being part of a Grace Group is key to being 

involved in the life and ministry of Grace Church.


There are Grace Groups of different sizes, getting together once a week on different nights in different parts of town. If you'd like to know more about our groups, or maybe visit one, here are some options below. Please fill out the box at the bottom right of the page if you're interested in visiting a group so they can reach out to you and welcome you personally!

Want to find out more about our Grace Groups?

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