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“And remember, don’t paint your sisters!” This bit of instruction (rarely followed) was often the last thing we told our kids before leaving them alone for a bit. Isn’t it so often the case that we try and make sure we emphasize the things most important to us right before we make an exit? The things we most want remembered, the things we want to make sure those staying behind are sure of? This happens often in Scripture. Jesus giving his disciples (and us) the practice of communion on his last evening with them before the crucifixion and resurrection is a prime example. The same thing is happening here as the author of Hebrews wraps up her sermon. In these final words she reminds them of the things she really wants them to remember. Let’s dig in this week and see how that plays out for us. 


Grace and peace y’all,

John Ray and the teaching team

Big Idea

Not giving up isn’t just an act of will, but an accumulation of specific choices.

Take Away

We don’t owe everything to all people, but it’s also true that in so many ways our lives are not our own. There are things we owe others and things owed to us. Knowing what is what is key. We need to constantly remember what is really important.


Hebrews 13 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

Belonging can’t happen in isolation. The regular practice of meeting together and practicing hospitality goes through seasons just like anything else. At Grace, cultivating a place to belong is a long term practice. This helps form us more and more into the people we’re focused on becoming and is formed and informed by what we confess to believe.




What’s Next?

We kick off our summer series on Faith and Feelings.

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