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Pickleball 🏓

Pickleball 🏓
11 Apr 05:45 PM
Until 11 Apr, 06:45 PM 1h

Pickleball 🏓

Grab your paddles it's time to play!


We'll meet up at the Pickleball courts at Wilson Park to play some leisurely rounds of Pickleball and socialize. Everyone is welcome, whether it's your first time to play or you're a seasoned Pickleball-er - this sport is for all ages! Justin will bring three extra paddles for anyone who has not invested in their own or would just like to try it out. Also, if you'd like to come watch and socialize, that's great too!


For any questions or additional information, contact Justin Fleer at or 303-883-9425.


Hope to see you there!
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