In submitting this form, I agree to abide by all the regulations set forth by Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas regarding use of its facilities/equipment and accept responsibility for communicating these regulations to ALL event leaders/coordinators.


I agree to be responsible for any damage(s) done to Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas facilities and any equipment specifically requested and used during the above stated event. I will be informed by Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas of any costs of facility and/or equipment damage, and I agree to bear those costs.


I release Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas and any individual representatives thereof from liability in case of accident or injury to persons or possessions during activities that take place on the grounds of 2828 North Crossover, Fayetteville, Arkansas.


I also agree to be a good steward of Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas facilities/equipment and to leave the space I use in EXACTLY the condition I found it, or better.

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