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One of the most told stories in Holland lore is from when Tim was ten years old, and his family was on a trip back home from doing mission work in Mexico. The family had stopped in California for the night, and after checking into the hotel Meg and Kevin excitedly surprised their boys, sharing that they were going to spend the next day at Disneyland. Tim’s two brothers were ecstatic, Tim was upset. “But you told us we were going home!” When met with the opportunity to spend his day at the happiest place on Earth or follow through with the plans he’d been told he could count on, Tim struggled with a shift in expectations. Though we laugh about it now, it’s also become a helpful shorthand in our home when we find ourselves faced with the possibility of unmet expectations.

Expectations can become deeply rooted and leave us struggling to accept even the best change of plans. But why? This weekend lets come together and explore expectations: the ones we hold close, the ones we express, and the ones we’re met with from others.

I expect it will be good.


Laura Holland and the teaching team


Hebrews 11:1, Psalm 5:3 (NET)

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