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January 17, 2021

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What have we gotten into?

Question of the Week

What are we trusting in for our deliverance?



On January 3, Peter Meijer was sworn in as a freshman Republican Congressman from Michigan. He ran after serving a tour of duty in Iraq and working for an NGO. He came in, as many new members do, eager to make a mark and do good for the people who elected him.


Just three days later, on January 6 we all saw what happened in our country’s Capitol. I don’t have to recite the details here, but I think it’s safe to say it is NOT what Congressmen Meijer, or any other member of congress signed up for when they ran for office. 


What about us? What are our expectations when we respond to God’s grace towards us? I’m not saying God purposefully causes chaos as a response to our “yes”, but so many times we are invited into situations that look nothing like we imagined they would look. Let’s see how we encounter this in Isaiah. 


Grace and peace, y’all, 

J. Ray and the teaching team.

The Big Idea: Responding to God’s call on our life often leads us into situations very different than what we initially imagine. This is God’s deal, not ours.


Take Away: How are we responding to the situations we find ourselves in as a result of saying yes to Jesus? Saying yes to pledging all our affections, allegiances, associations to God and God’s Kingdom?


How does this fit into our culture Belong Become Believe?:

Welcoming others into full fellowship of the Church is a holy act, not based on their, or our, righteousness, but the righteousness of God. This is the root of radical hospitality. As we participate with God in this we start to be transformed more and more into the image of God, we become more like God. This experience of transformation, the promise of it even when we don’t feel it or it offends us or confuses us forms our confession of belief.

Relevant Verses:

Isaiah 6

What next?:

Isaiah Chapter 7


Commentary from Working Preacher 

Isaiah for Everyone

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