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JESUS CLUB (Known: Culture)

September 24th, 2023

10:15am - Facebook Live & Mount Sequoyah (Clapp Auditorium)

Worship Lyrics

Text: Matthew 4:18-22; Mark 10:13-16 (NET)


One of the highlights of my time here at Grace so far has been being a part of Jesus Club every other Sunday with our wonderful kids. During our club, we take time for crafting, talking about Jesus and sharing about our weeks. We take the time to slow down, listen to one another and see what we can learn about Jesus and each other, together. 


As culture came up on our radar as a teaching topic, two things converged quite naturally. We wanted to seek out a dynamic way to explore the culture of our community and one of our kids really wanted to share what we do at Jesus Club with the whole congregation. And so, we saw an opportunity to explore this part of our church culture, take time to slow down, listen to Jesus’ directive, and strive to see his word through the eyes of children.


Though I (Logan) will be leading our teaching time this week, the lesson, insights and activities have all been chosen by our kids this week. While we explore the verse of Jesus’ calling his disciples to be fishers of people, everyone will be provided a craft and we will take time to talk about culture together. We want to create a culture at Grace where everyone truly can belong, become and believe, from our oldest congregant to our youngest. 


Our story this week was chosen by our very own Charli Holland, and many of the insights I’ll be using are from the kids here at Grace. We will be talking about the story in Mark where Jesus calls his disciples and promises to make them, “fishers of people” and how this speaks to the culture here at Grace.


Logan Wilton, Kids Table Leader

Big Idea:

What does a church culture that strives to “receive the kingdom like a little child” look like today? How can we cultivate a culture here at Grace that seeks to learn from all voices in our community to make a place where all can truly belong?

Take Away:

At Grace we strive to be a diverse community of believers, where everyone’s voice and insight holds weight. This includes the voices of our youngest and most curious minds.

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

If we are to be a community that is going to cultivate a culture where everyone belongs, becomes and believes, then we are called to be a community that invites all voices to be heard. When we take the time to slow down and journey through a lens of curiosity together, we will often find wisdom in each other’s voices, from the youngest to the oldest of us.

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