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 “The church is to be a living exegesis of the gospel.” (Michael J. Gorman)


We were made for times like this. This is where we, as the Church, get a chance to truly live out what we confess in times of ease and comfort, practice what declare as true. This is where we get to be the “living exegesis (explanation, demonstration) of the Good News. The most often repeated command in the Bible is “fear not/do not worry”. But not worrying doesn’t mean ignoring science, flouting responsible civic instruction or dismissing the concerns of others.

To this end, Grace will be moving all our Sunday meetings to an “online” format. We will be streaming our service as we usually do, but asking everyone except those involved with worship, teaching and AV to stay home and participate from there.


I want to encourage you to prepare for worship, get settled and ready before the start and have elements ready to take communion at home. We’ll also be sharing specific information on our vision and strategy for flourishing in this season.


We look forward to connecting with everyone tomorrow morning at 10:15.

Here is a link to our Facebook page where we will be livestreaming.


Grace and peace y’all

J.Ray and the Catalyst Leadership Team

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