Many Christian communities have practiced meditating on the “Stations of the Cross” (a walking through the Scriptures that recount the passion of Jesus), especially on Good Friday. Here are some options for us:


Christ the King will do a meditation and walk- through via Zoom at noon. Watch our social media for information on how to join in. 

Join Zoom Meeting


Follow Grace Church on social media as we post images of Stations of the Cross, then share them on your own platforms. Maybe add a personal reflection as you repost. If you have kids, discuss each image together, then have them make their own versions and display them in a series. 


For an alternative take, Scott Erikson and Ecclesia Houston produced “The Crucifixion According to Radiohead.” 


Other observances: 

Watch Terance Malik’s haunting film A Hidden Life


Conduct your own Tenebrae Service.




If possible, for part or all of the day, take a break from electronic media, movies, etc. Let the stillness settle and weigh as we wait for the resurrection. Read, pray, reflect. Maybe revisit the images of the Stations of the Cross. 


If you didn’t have time or space for the Friday observances listed here, you can do them on Saturday instead. 


All Souls Charlottesville is hosting The Bravest Thing: An Evening of Poetry and Friendship


For the kids: Make Easter Story cookies, following along with the Scripture reading.  




Wake up in time for sunrise at 6:47 a.m. s the sun rises, read through the resurrection account in John 20:1-18. If the weather allows, do this outside. Also, it might be campy, but I just love this song. Play this or your favorite Easter song, and dance like you mean it!


Gather a bouquet, bloom or flowering branch of some sort to post on the thread when we start the livestream of our service. 


Join the livestream at 10:15 a.m., and have your communion elements ready. 


For the remainder of the day, rest (as much as possible) in the hope of what was, what it, and what is to come. 


For the kids:  Make a kazoo and share the Good News!


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