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“I can do it myself!” Any of us who have spent any amount of time around a toddler knows these words. This usually leads to the thing that is being attempted not being completed or being done in a comically poor manner. One of these things ultimately requires much more effort to clean up than if help had been allowed to be given.  Of course, we all made the same declaration at one time or another in our own development. It’s a necessary assertion of autonomy in our lives that leads to growth and ability. Like all things, though, we can carry it much too far and as we get older, it can yield much worse results. 

Let’s dig in this week and see if we can understand what the author of Hebrews is telling us about this.

Grace and peace y’all,

John Ray and the teaching team

Big Idea

The gift of salvation offered through Jesus is something that we can never “move beyond” or neglect.

Take Away

We all want to earn our way and no one likes the idea of being in debt forever. However, if we come to neglect or try somehow to move beyond or earn our salvation, we are in danger of “losing” that very thing.


Hebrews 6:1-20 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

Understanding the gift that Jesus offers us is the very foundation of our practice of inviting others to “belong”, just as we were. This practice helps form us more and more into who we are to become. This practice also helps form and inform what we confess to believe.

What’s Next?

Spring retreat!

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