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To many people’s surprise, one of my hobbies for the last decade has been quilting. I think this is surprising to some because I don’t necessarily give off creative or artistic vibes, but people who know about me and the quilting process easily see why it’s an attractive hobby. There are a lot of creative liberties taken while quilting—sometimes in the piecing process, or in the quilting and finishing. But ultimately, an intentional plan must be followed in order for the quilt to come together with even sides, finished edges, durability, and a beautiful and recognizable pattern. When I look at a quilt, I immediately pick up on many of the small details that required a lot of work and attention, which is a specific kind of appreciation.

I learned to quilt from a good friend who I think most people would consider to be a fellow “Type A” personality, but to me, she was a really excellent, hands-on teacher. We made a quilt together, and she taught me countless skills along the way, many of which she would point out wouldn’t necessarily “make or break” this particular quilt, but with a more advanced pattern, would be very important. Over the years, I’ve continued building those skills, which has provided me with a lot of opportunities to create something very beautiful in the moment, but also experience how continued efforts and practice can lead to even more complex and pretty projects. To this day, though, I still think that quilt that we made together, the one that introduced me to the art, is the prettiest I’ve ever done, probably because I remember how much I learned and how we did it together. Ultimately, the biggest opportunity quilting has provided me is getting to learn and improve a skill that I know I’ll never do perfectly, while also knowing that what I’m making is beautiful.

Jennifer Acuff

Big Idea

God and God’s grace are fully accessible to us, but a healthy and constructive relationship requires intentionality, obedience, and ongoing efforts to create a holy space. God deeply cares about these efforts.

Take Away

As Christians, we have the privilege of freely receiving God’s grace and knowing that God has accomplished divine purpose in our lives. But we are challenged with committing to an active and intentional relationship while we wait to see and experience complete fullness.


Exodus 39:42-40:33 (NET)

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