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 I love old dictionaries. To me they’re like fading polaroid pictures, or musty maps. They contain words we no longer use, like groak, snoutfair, and curglaff as well as words that have taken on additional or new meanings, like catfish, spam, and handle. Language is always evolving ever more rapidly and it’s important to keep up or we may totally miss the meaning of the meme. Meme is another word rapidly changing. Then there are times when a single person redefines a word by their life and teaching, specifically the person of Jesus. He often explicitly said, ”You have heard it said, but I say…” and then go on to change what was taken as common knowledge. He also did this implicitly through his actions. One of the most significant times was on the day we celebrate this week,  Palm Sunday. This day is one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year. To me, it’s an encapsulation of what I love about being a Christian along with what I think most of us have, or do, get wrong about the same thing. It’s also a prime example of people thinking they know what a word or words mean and Jesus totally redefining them.


Let’s dig in this week and see what we can find. 


Grace and peace y’all, 

John Ray and the teaching team



Big Idea

Jesus shows us a radically different way to understand what it means to be a King and a Priest, as well as what it means to triumph.

Take Away

As followers of Jesus, we have to become ever better and more understanding of how Jesus redefines basic words, ideas and concepts. Specifically, we need to know what kind of king and priest Jesus is and what triumph means for Him and for us. 


Hebrews 4:14-5:10 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

Like so many other things, Jesus redefines what it means to belong. At Grace, we are learning that by practicing radical hospitality, the belief that Jesus invites everyone to belong. Likewise this changes what it means for us to both “become” and what and how we “believe”.



What’s Next?

Easter Sunday!!!

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