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The concept of rest throughout our lives is wild to me. As babies, it’s one of our core modes, along with eating and diaper changes. As kids, it’s something we actively avoid at all costs. As teenagers, we can’t get enough of it. As young adults, it’s a burden that prevents us from living our lives. But at some point, whether it’s due to kids or hitting the age of 30, it’s something we desperately crave. But by this point either we don’t know how to rest, feel shame around resting, or seemingly can’t because of the structure of our lives. 


Reflecting on how rest has played out in my life, it’s unimaginable how I survived parts of my life with so little rest. In my family I was required throughout my high school career to take part in at least two of three activities, in addition to school: work, band (marching and concert), and sports. So I did all three. I carried on this stacked schedule mentality to college where by my winter quarter of my freshman year I was taking a full course load, working two jobs, and playing two club sports. Some days I wouldn’t get back to my dorm until 11pm at night after doing all of the above activities in a single day. And let me tell you, I thrived. Like, my best grades were when I had so little time to myself that I would have to plan out when I would sleep.


Well, twenty years and a global pandemic later, I have come to realize how much rest I crave and need. I think we all have had a similar trajectory in our lives. Maybe you continue to thrive on high structure and light rest or maybe you can’t imagine slowing down to rest or else all of the proverbial spinning plates would fall. But if we’ve learned anything coming out of our studies on Exodus and Sabbath, it’s that rest is required. It’s something that God values so much that once again we’re told about it in Hebrews.

Let’s dig in.

Shannon Barrowcliff & the teaching team​

Big Idea

This idea and command to rest is a theme we continue to encounter throughout scripture. Perhaps it’s time we pause and take heed.

Take Away

When we reflect on how to live out the command to rest, we probably think we are missing the mark, whether that be because we don’t dedicate a full 24 hours to the practice, our time isn’t intentional, or how we spend our time doesn’t feel restful. But what if we’re just thinking about the idea of rest in too narrow of terms?


Hebrews 4:1-13 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

When we take time to rest and reflect on how that rest can glorify God, we demonstrate God’s love for us and others. Resting in Jesus is foundational in our journey to becoming more like Jesus.


What’s Next?

Hebrews 5

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