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Back around the turn of the last century, there was a whole spate of “reality” shows on PBS. Now, don’t think ‘the Bachelor’ or ‘Survivor’ – this was PBS afterall. No, these shows were more like the love child of hardcore historical reenactors and highbrow terrarium builders. Each program dropped an ensemble of people into a living situation from a bygone area. The first one our family watched was Frontier House, set in wilderness log cabins in Montana. The families and participants had to use only what was available to people who would have originally lived in such conditions. There was also a 1900’s house, Victorian Slum house, 1940’s house, Edwardian Country House, and a Coal House (1920’s Welch mining home). Each one came with its own conditions and challenges. The hardest thing, though, was for the participants to not revert to actions, attitudes, or expectations taken from modern times. They had to really try and “live into ” the different time. For some it proved impossible.

Sabbath requires a way of time keeping that transcends any particular era. In a way, it drops us, like the participants of these shows, into a radically different time than our own. It’s not an easy thing to have happen.

Let’s dig in and see what we can find out about this,

Grace and peace y’all,

John Ray and the teaching team

Big Idea

Sabbath is a form of time keeping as well as time telling.

Take Away

God emphasizes God’s self in a specific time as opposed to a fixed geographical place. Our practice of Sabbath is a response to this emphasis that helps us keep and tell time properly.


Exodus 20:8-11 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

At Grace we believe that when Jesus set the table and welcomed everyone, that is still an open invitation. Since all of us are guests, who are we to deny belonging to anyone else? This practice helps us become more and more like the people we confess to believe we are and should become.


What’s Next?

The final part of our Sunday Sabbath Teachings, Sabbath as community.

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