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Mentoring: A Win-Win

When I was 12, our family relocated to a rural, small southern community. Previously we were a northeastern family traveling in the military. The relocation followed difficult and life-altering changes, and this was our new reality.

Our new church congregation didn’t know how to relate to me, nor did I to them. I felt isolated for a time. Then one Sunday morning a dear lady of the church, Aunt Mert, brought a gift to me. It was a hand-knitted purse just for me! She graciously handed it to me and explained she’d made it because I was special to her.

Through many years, Aunt Mert was a wonderful mentor as I watched her live in the community. She taught me through example as she lived a life following Christ’s teachings. And truly, it must have brought joy to Aunt


Strong and wonderful bonds of relationship grow as young people realize how to go and be mentors in their space.


Mert’s life to watch me mature.

Our relationship provides an example that shows the power of sharing into someone’s life and the wonderful joy that comes from being a mentor, or friend, to young people as they begin their life journey.

As our cup overflows, there are young people wanting to know why we enjoy peace and energy in our lives. Sharing wisdom and life experiences creates an environment for great conversation and relationship. More than that, strong and wonderful bonds of relationship grow as young people realize how to go and be mentors in their space.

Thankful is the word that best describes how I feel when I have the opportunity of mentoring! Hope some of you will accept the challenge of sharing your life experiences, and totally enjoy. :)

I’m married to Kevin Murphy, and we have four grown sons who are very dear to our heart. My career as a sales executive and field representative with Square D by Schneider Electric brought me to northwest Arkansas in 1993. Reading, community, spending time in nature, Murphy Fire Pit Evenings and traveling are a few of my favorite things. Sharing the Jesus walk with people at Grace, in particular the pre-K class, is a huge joy in my life! Blessings ~

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