It All Starts With "Very Good"

I’ll never forget the conversation. It probably saved my marriage, and maybe my faith.

At the time I was an uptight, overworked and ill-equipped young husband, dad and missionary. It was an intense season where I felt the weight of all my various responsibilities heavy on my shoulders. I couldn’t see a way out. I was losing hope and in a moment of almost raging despair, I unloaded all of this on my wife Jane. I fully expected her to confirm my bleak, desperate assessment and commiserate with my gloomy outlook.

Her response, however, was the last thing I’d anticipated. Instead of crawling into my deep cave of despair, she yanked me into the blinding light of truth with this simple statement: “I have my happy ending.”

Goodness, Gift and Grace are our roots, our birthmarks.

Her words were precise, and her countenance firm. She refused to endorse my dark mental machinations but instead powerfully gave witness to a very different reality, one I desperately needed to experience.