You're Family Now

Family stories … we all have them. Sometimes they’re cringe-worthy, as in having your aunt reminisce about the time you pooped your pants and it was so bad she chose to throw away the training pants instead of washing them, and just maybe that story gets embellished to be more dramatic every time it’s told. Thankfully, the stories are more often about a funny or meaningful time, such as the vacation to the beach where fireworks were being set off just outside your rental cottage, or your adorable toddler-talk in saying “101 Dogmatians” instead of “101 Dalmatians,” or “Hold you, Mommy.”

One of our favorite Cornett narratives took place at one of the first family dinners that our son-in-law attended. After dining at the big kitchen table, my husband was talking business with the young man and everyone else was busy scraping plates, loading the dishwasher, and packing up leftovers. Loudly, my oldest

Since our inception, we’ve had a strong core belief that we want to be more outwardly-focused than inwardly-focused.

child, who has a very dry sense of humor, said, “Tripp, in this family we all help.”

We all shrieked and laughed, and of course, we use the now-famous quote whenever any of us find ourselves working alone. I mainly have to bring it up now to call off Tripp as he’s now the first person to pop up and start loading the dishwasher after a family meal.

At Grace, we often say, “We’re practicing church.” Since our inception, we’ve had a strong core belief that we want to be more outwardly-focused than inwardly-focused. This might play out in our choosing to sponsor a teen to go to Ensenada to build a house for a needy family instead of cleaning the carpets at 2828, or selling off things we’re not using in order to raise money for missions.

One major way we are able to function financially is by relying on a very active base of volunteerism instead of hiring full-time church employees. We do not hire a lawn service, but rely on several very generous people who come weekly in the summer to mow, edge, and blow away refuse. Our building team does as much repair, maintenance and honey-dos as possible, only calling in professionals when they lack the tools or expertise.

Unlike many congregations (probably most congregations) we do not pay our worship leader, who usually devotes about 10 hours a week to prep, practice, and Sunday morning worship. Because of these folks’ generosity with their time, talents, and resources, we’re able to support more global workers monthly, help our local community, and share our space at 2828 with local ministries such as rEcess, rEcreo, New Heights Bible study, Christ the King Anglican Church, K-Life, and more.

Each Sunday, it takes approximately 25 folks to run our worship service from greeting to prepping snacks, serving in our kids ministry to shutting down the building. We have about 100 adults in attendance each week, so doing the math, if each person served one Sunday a week in some manner, we’d be good. Currently, we have needs that run from the extremely simple:

  • making sure the building is shut down and the rooms are ready for Christ the King to come worship on Sunday afternoons

  • taking home the bucket of kitchen towels and cleaning rags to bleach, fold, and return

to the more rewarding:

  • organizing toys and learning supplies in the kids ministry rooms

  • serving in our kids rooms on Sundays, from toddler through elementary

  • organizing an upper elementary service/fellowship opportunity once a quarter

  • helping our communications team with video, graphics, etc.

  • working the sound booth on Sunday mornings

  • working with our building team on holes in the drywall, replacing filters, etc.

  • launching new Grace Groups

  • leading Discovering Grace

  • joining our missions team to support the many we have out in the field

You’re family now. How will you help?

Email me or check out our SignUp Genius page to learn about opportunities to serve.

Teresa Cornett's favorite question from others is "what do you think about......?!" so she loves to write when she gets a chance to mouth off.

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