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Advent 2017: A Silent Night/Believing in the Good and the Hope of Peace

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A Silent Night: Believing in the Good and the Hope of Peace

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Truce of 1914? If you havenʼt, it might do your heart some good to read about it here (and then also to watch this story recounted from WWII).

There are of course conflicting views of historians on the actual details of the truce since it was pieced together mainly by verbal accounts or letters home; however, the consensus seems to be that on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1914, there was a sort of “silent night” where enemies somewhere along the Western Front stopped fighting, came out of their trenches and greeted each other. Some accounts talked


There are battles both large and small that are taking place all over this world, and to these I say, there is Hope.


about how the Germans began singing a German Christmas carol, then the British would begin singing one of theirs, then they sang the same hymn in two different languages at the same time.

Just thinking about this event gives me goosebumps.

When I stop and think about what the intensity of those moments must have been like, it feels a bit overwhelming. One thing that thinking about it always does for me is affirm the hope in humanity, but even more than that, the hope of an eternal Peace.

I believe there is good in everyone. I am not wearing rose-colored glasses, I am not naive to the evil that exists, but I choose to find the good and to believe in the good. I am reminded of the promise of peace in Heaven: no tears, no pain, no battles. Peace.

I am reminded of the good in humans and the beauty of the Spirit when I see someone provide help to another, when I see someone wrecked at the news of yet another tragedy, when I see someone pray for another, when I see someone extend love and grace to another, when I see forgiveness, when I see reconciliation and the setting aside of differences, when I see a meal provided for someone in need, just to list a few. There are battles both large and small that are taking place all over this world, some of them external while others are internal and to these I say, there is Hope.

If at this very moment you find it simple and natural to hope, I encourage you to try and share that hope. If you find it hard to hope or to see the good at this very moment, I encourage you to be where you are and to try and surround yourself with people who can hope for you. Peace will come.

Advent is a time of preparation and expectant waiting. I pray that in this season of preparation and anticipation that you find hope in Jesus and in the promise of an eternal Peace.

Bonnie is wife to Scott, mom to Kate and a speech pathologist by trade. She has a special place in her heart for hugs, coffee, photography, soccer, Spanish, puns, and films that can evoke multiple different emotions.

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