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Advent 2017: Waiting for God

Click here for a printable PDF of this post that includes a devotional journal page.

Waiting for God is like waiting for your next heartbeat

Eager anticipation

Forming spiritual elation

A collective breath Held throughout all creation

Weakness abounds in every earthly nation

All things can be done through Christ and salvation

Just as a child craves to be born

This world desires The veil to be torn

God give me not stillness

For apathy is death

Let me feel purpose

Until my last breath

Loneliness weighs Like the stone of a mill

The struggle isn't just

Between you and your will

Sin is the world

Tempting the flesh

Soul, spirit and body

together must mesh

To stand fast against sin is a battle to heed

But we must have a Captain A Savior to lead

The gift that is given

Shall be received A love I can not

Begin to perceive

New time, new day, new page, new way

As much as the trees promise new leaves

The Father will heal This world that grieves

Jesus was sent to intercede This certainly is A Merry Christmas indeed

Connor Murphy has learned some very important lessons since he began apprenticing Jesus. Two that stand out: God wants to speak with us more than we want to speak with him, and God doesn't promise that faith will make all things easy, but possible.

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