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Discovering Grace and Us

Americans love the Lone Ranger. Now, many of you may never have actually seen the Lone Ranger of TV lore like I did as a kid (yeah, I know I’m old), but believe me: You’ve seen the the Lone Ranger. Whether it’s Rambo, Jessica Jones or Deadpool, the myth of the lone enforcer—the one who has somehow suffered greatly and now exacts violent justice on evil doers—is an enduring American Idol. It’s celebrated and ruminated on in countless ways. It forms our imagination with a relentless power. And it cripples us all, especially when we bring that imagination into the Church. This week, we wrap up our teaching series based on Discovering Grace. In the process, we will unmask the Lone Ranger and send him off into the sunset. Grace and peace, y’all, J. Ray

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key text / 1 Peter 2:5 (NET);

Discovering Grace parts 5 and 6

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