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Experiencing Covenant : Abrahams Call

I just couldn’t wait.

As soon as I clicked over to my 18th birthday, I was out of my house like a bullet from a gun. It’s not that I had it bad at home; quite the contrary. I lived in the same house I’d grown up in. My mom pretty much gave me free reign and cleaned up after me. It’s just that I longed for something new, a place of my own.

I signed the lease on my first apartment that summer after high school, and except for a few times when I needed temporary lodging in between moving for jobs, never moved back home. I wasn’t alone in this: Most of my friends were out on their own pretty soon after graduating high school as well, maybe spending summers at home during college, but mostly gone as soon as possible.

While this might not seem exceptional in our society, it’s far from the historical norm. It would have been even more foreign to the folks we encounter in our text this week. For the people of Abram’s time, only a catastrophic event would cause someone to leave home. What was so important that it caused Abram to pack up and leave? And why does it matter to us? Let’s dig in this week and see what we find.

Grace and peace, y’all,

J. Ray and the teaching team

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