A Little Piece of Cloth

This time last year, while I was traveling in Central Asia as part of a team from Youth With A Mission, an existential crisis was brewing inside me.

Things had happened so fast as the trip came together that it was kind of like my body had gone ahead of my mind and spirit, and I was waiting for them to catch up. Also, team dynamics seemed to be changing rapidly as our young leaders’ goals for the group had shifted to a more personal focus.

Honestly, I felt like things were falling apart. I was frequently asking God, “Why am I here in Tajikistan?”

The only thing I thought to do was to set my body on autopilot and, when the moment presented itself, to just tell people how God had met me where I was in life the first time I had raised my hand, asked to know Jesus, and really meant it.

One day, a friend we’d met locally said to me, “I feel like you should have this.” Then he handed me a small piece of cloth. It was a little shorter than a scarf, almost like a tablecloth for a very small table. It was beautiful and clearly handmade, but not soft. On it was embroidered TIMOR LESTE with two Stars of David on each side. Since our friend, Vali, had brought articles of clothing for my whole team, he clearly meant for me to wear it, but it was such an odd piece of fabric that I didn’t know what to do.