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Repaving Jericho

Martin Luther King spoke to the Jericho Road. He said that it's only a small act to play the good Samaritan, to give aid to those on the roadside, but it's a wholly other act to ask why the Jericho Road is dangerous. Once we understand the road's dangers we should go about re-paving it. Christ has put the onus on us, his followers, to repave such roads as we encounter them. The Samaritan on the road to Jericho didn't go looking for this sort of thing either, but once he found it he acted. Out of an overflow of our love and faith in Christ do we live the same principle; going an extra mile, turning the other cheek, working intentionally for the 'least of these'. Jesus loves them too.

For the remainder of the Lenten season, I encourage all of us to try something uncomfortable and maybe new --a fresh way to strip the modifiers and conditions off of who we think is deserving. Think of it like a choose your own adventure game! (ad-lent-ture? Is that trying too hard hah) I implore you to begin with the article below on Levinas, Bonheoffer and Jesus before choosing a path. Caveat. This list is by no means exhaustive, and knowledge, of course, should never be a substitute for actions (and actions are never substitutes for faith) But knowledge kills the fear which prevents action.

Now, choose a direction.


*some terminology may be outdated. 7Hills and ServeNWA both seek to improve the lives of our local homeless populations. Support the free local clinics too.

Food insecurity

Bonus: read anything by Tex Sample or Joe Bageant on the working class poor. Stock our Little Free Pantry or bring food for LifeSource or other local pantries.


Support a rehab clinic or other local addiction service or group.

Gang Activity and Prisons

Several churches partner together in a ministry to the women's detention center downtown.

LGBTQ Community

Lucie's Place is a homeless LGBTQ youth shelter in Little Rock. Fayetteville is working to establish one.


Advocate with Life Styles. Help us host rEcreo here at Grace.


Share a meal of celebration with our brothers and sisters over at the Islamic Center when they offer public invitations. Send encouraging messages when their community is scared. (Insert any other religion here)

Black/Brown People

Bonus: Lecrae

See also the article. *I also recommend following author Kaitlin B. Curtice on Facebook. She is a Native American Christian with roots in Fayetteville.




Bonus: Lin Manuel Miranda

Advocate with Canopy. RootED is a local upstart aimed at helping immigrant families thrive through education.


Some want to live within the sound

Of church or chapel bell;

I want to run a rescue shop,

Within a yard of hell.

- C.T. Studd


This is rescue shop music.

Always feel free to recommend a song or ask somebody for more resources. Community is vital to the Christian life.

Amy R. is the mother of Abigail and Noah, married to David for 10 years. Loves reading, collecting vintage things, listening to old records, and camping.

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