Just do the next right thing, Havah

“Just do the next right thing, Havah.”

That’s what my friend told me to do as I sat at the bottom of a dark pit in my life. I was at the proverbial “bottom”, and while there largely due to my own destructive choices, the pain was immense, it was dark, and I couldn’t see my way out, or how it was ever going to be any better. I had experienced immense loss, rejection and betrayal and everything hurt – my body, my brain, and my heart.

I know everyone’s experience of grief is different, but for me, it’s a lot like trying to walk through waist-high mud. Everything slows down – physically and mentally. Everything takes a lot more exertion to start, and finish. Even my breathing gets labored as my body focuses on how to just get through the next thing. I sigh a lot trying to catch my breath.