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Come and See, Go and Tell | Learning Guide

April 9th, 2023

10:15am I Facebook Live

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Come and See, Go and Tell


Matt 28:1-10 (NET)​


One of my most cherished memories as a kid was the time I took my dad to school for show and tell. My dad was the consummate showman. In fact he had earned his living emceeing Outdoor and Boat and Motor shows all over North America before I was born. He had also been world champion duck and goose caller. As I remember it he brought all of that showmanship to our little Hill School Elementary classroom that day. I could’ve bust with joy.

This Sunday we celebrate Easter, the absolute high point of the Christian calendar, the day that the whole of the Jesus story revolves around. This is the day God “shows’ God’s self to the world, resurrected and exalted. His instruction to all of us is “go and tell”.

Come and celebrate with us this Sunday!

Grace and peace y'all,

John Ray and the teaching team


Big Idea: Don’t be afraid, Come and see, Go and tell.

Take Away:

Following Jesus means orienting our lives to the reality of the resurrection. The resurrection gives us the assurance and the invitation to proclaim the Kingdom of God among us, here and now.


How Does This Fit with Become, Belong, Believe?

The radical reality of the resurrection makes possible the warm and inclusive welcome of everyone into the fellowship of Grace Church, the invitation to belong. This practice is what helps form us into people who become more and more resurrection people. Our beliefs both reflect and inform these practices.


  • It’s Friday, But Sunday’s coming

  • Buechener of Easter

Questions for Table Fellowships and personal devotions

  • The natural response of the disciples to the news of Jesus' resurrection was disbelief and fear. Many of us have become so accustomed to it we barely give it a second thought. In what ways do you think we can cultivate an imagination that lets us experience more fully the significance of resurrection in our daily lives?

  • When you read the in text from this week, and we encounter the instructions, what is your response? Do you think these extend to us? If so, how?

  • Finally, consider how you celebrate Easter. Is there anything you would add to it? Anything you would change in light of a new encounter with the story?

What's Next?

We stand our journey through Exodus.​

Contact Grace Church NWA here

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