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Congratulations! Now what? | Learning Guide

June 25th, 2023


Congratulations! Now what?​


Exodus 15:18 (NET) “The Lord will reign forever and ever!"


The hot Texas sun was the same as I’d experienced the previous 17 summers of my existence. The buzz of the cicadas and the scolding of the mockingbirds were the same as well. I drove back to the only home I’d ever known. My room was still there. How could everything be exactly the same and yet feel so very different? Coming home from High School graduation was one of the most disorienting things I’ve ever experienced. The structure of the school year, with its rhythms and expectations, had guided most of my known life. Sure, it was time to celebrate, but what about what would come next? What was this life going to be like now that it didn’t come with all the familiar expectations and patterns I’d always known? Despite my worries, those questions would have to wait because now it was time to party! It was time for one last fling with friends before the next part of our lives began.

I understand that graduating High School and leaving behind generations of slavery are not the same thing, but I think there is something we can learn from understanding the very human experience of leaving one world for another and how to do well. Let’s dig in this week and see what we can find.

Grace and peace y’all,

John Ray and the teaching team


Big Idea: There will always be more challenges ahead. We need to stop along the way and give thanks for where we are and for who made it possible for us to get there.

Take Away:

We usually fall into one of two ditches, the one that wants to stay put and revel forever in the moment, and the one who wants to move on immediately to the next thing. Finding a good rhythm of work and rest, celebration and grief, remembering and looking ahead takes practice.

How does this fit in with Belong, Become, Believe?

At Grace Church we pause weekly to celebrate and remember the sacrificial life giving work of Jesus at the Table. Everyone is invited to partake and belong because that was the offer extended to us. This act of welcome and solidarity helps form us into who we wish to become. All of this is guided by and informs what we say we believe.

What's Next?

We all meet up on SATURDAY evening at Boston Mountain Youth Ranch!

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