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Ears, Thumbs, and Big Toes | Learning Guide

August 6th, 2023


This Sunday we are going to chat about putting blood on ear lobes, thumbs, and big toes! Exodus is a wild book! What can I say? I mean surely that piques some of y’alls interest. Allow me to expand a bit… Our verse this week comes from a section of the book talking about the process for consecrating priests. This section of Exodus is filled to the brim with very particular instructions and lots of measurements and materials I cannot pronounce. And honestly, sometimes when I read these types of passages I think so what? Why does it matter to my faith now? What in the world does blood on ear lobes, thumbs, and toes have to do with my relationship to God or others? Well join us this Sunday as we try to figure it out together.

Betty and the Teaching Team

Big Idea:

We are part of the priesthood of all believers and as such, we are called to represent God to the people around us and to represent the people around us to God in prayer.

Take Away:

Our relationship with God and the world around us has been forever changed through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Now we are empowered by the Spirit to act as priests in the world around us– representing God and offering our lives as living sacrifices to God for the flourishing of the world.


Exodus 29:20 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

At Grace we believe that Jesus calls each of us– regardless of gender, race, sexuality, socio economic status, education, age– to act as priests in the world around us. God offers belonging to each of us. A once restrictive position has now been given to each of us so that we can all help bring holistic flourishing to our communities because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and the empowering dwelling of the Spirit in each of us. This indwelling of the spirit is what helps us discern how we can walk in the ways of Jesus and helps us believe.


What's Next?

Jennifer is going to lead us through our next verse in Exodus and teach us about the pivotal moment God chose to dwell with his people.

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