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How do we think about bad things in a good way? | Learning Guide

November 6th, 2022

6:00pm I Facebook Live & Zoom

Watch last week's message here

Details for Evening Service:

  • Jost's Farm Address: 15694 Goshen Tuttle Rd. Elkin, AR 72727

  • Informal Worship: Bring an instrument if you want to play along!

  • We will have s'mores, hot chocolate, and apple cider

  • Bring a chair or blanket

  • Bring a snack or dessert to share and swap :)


How do we think about bad things in a good way?


John 8:31-38 (NET)


I must have been about 6 or 7 years old when I saw the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. It was a low budget “documentary” about a bigfoot-like creature that inhabited Foulke County Arkansas. It scared the absolute bejesus out of me, but I quickly figured out that I couldn’t let people know that because I was teased for being scared. I learned to act brave when I wasn’t, and to make fun of others who showed fear of other “boogie men”. It was such a farce, but those lessons we learn when we’re young are hard to shake when we get older. We learn to ignore, suppress or hide our fears. But they don’t go away, do they? Let’s gather around the campfire this Sunday evening at the Jost’s farm and talk about how we can learn to talk about bad things in a good way.

Grace and peace y’all,

John Ray and the teaching team


Pray this: “Jesus you said the truth will set us free and that everyone you set free is free indeed. Teach us walk in the wholeness and flourishing of the freedom you give to us. Amen.”

Big Idea:

The Gospel gives us both a way to properly understand and overcome sin.

Take Away:

Sin can only be properly understood and overcome through receiving and living out the Gospel. This helps us avoid undue fear, frustration and ignorance when dealing with it.

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

Being able to talk frankly and truthfully about sin doesn’t preclude us from offering hospitality to those we may disagree with. At Grace, our fellowship doesn’t depend on everyone thinking and acting exactly alike. Our “becoming” is formed by being in close relationships with others who are not like us. These practices are both formed by and inform our beliefs.

What's Next?

Saints, sinners and ordinary people? Next week Laura Holland leads us to look at what an “ordinary” life really might be.


  • Avoiding the Gospel of Sin Management

  • Sin by The Bible Project (great for families and kids)

Contact Grace Church NWA here

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