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May 7th, 2023

10:15am - Facebook Live




Exodus 5:1-5 (NET)​


With over 7.8 billion people in the world it’s challenging to think of the role you play amongst everyone. Even narrowing it down to the state of Arkansas with only three million people, I find it difficult to comprehend how I, one person out of three million, can matter, can make a difference. If you’re like me, you might have experienced a time or two when you’ve contemplated the story of you in God’s story, asking yourself how can you, one follower of God, mean much or make a difference.

As I was preparing for this message I found myself mulling this thought over, a thought that has been tugging at me for the last several years of my deconstruction, or as Stan Mitchell said last week, the maturing of my christian faith. And with all tough questions, all existential crises if you will, I, naturally, found comfort and a seemingly sound answer when I was reading Finding Nemo to my niece for the 23rd time in four days.

Hopefully we have all seen Finding Nemo, a story about misadventures, exploring boundaries with ourselves and others, making friends, and, of course, listening to the sage wisdom of your parents. In the children’s storybook version of this tale, Nemo and his dad, Marlin, have just been reunited. Amidst their reconciliation, just in time for one last adventure, Dory finds herself unexpectedly caught in a fisherman’s net, meant for any type of fish but our beloved main characters. In this situation Marlin is beside himself with what to do but Nemo realizes he can help, small fin and all. Swimming into the net he finds Dory and instructs her and the other fish to swim down in unison. Acting as one the fish are able to overpower the fishing boat above, breaking the net and freeing themselves.

You would think that this tale is a perfect example of how teamwork with one goal can have a life changing impact. And it is. We could even relate it to God’s people banding together to escape Egypt. But during that 23rd reading of this book I saw how one small fish was determined to save his one friend, not a fish looking to literally overthrow the power of the fishing boat. I saw how this one small fish gave the simple command of “swim down” and was heard. I saw how one person can set out to rescue another person from captivity, from injustice, and inadvertently save the lives of thousands. I saw how one person can be used in a story and how that one person can have a lasting impact on others.

Moses was one person. He said one phrase. “Let my people go.” This one person took one bold first step, one bold first declaration, and changed the story for you and me. Join us as we explore Exodus 5 and see how Moses fits in God’s story to change the story for us all.

Shannon and the Teaching Team


Big Idea: Take the time to not only understand that you belong to God’s story but that God’s story is about freedom and upholding that freedom for those who society keeps confined.

Take Away:

Don’t forget the capabilities of one. Don’t forget the influence of your voice. Don’t forget that you are a part of God’s story.

How does this fit in with Belong, Become, Believe?

In our journey to become more like Christ we must stand up for the freedoms that God proclaims when Moses tells Pharaoh to “Let my people go.” The freedoms that seemingly contradict our power structures, our government structures, and many times, our social structures. The freedoms that raise up those that are left out and left behind rather than including only those with privilege and power.

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