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Start with what? | Learning Guide

January 29th, 2023

10:15am I Facebook Live & Zoom

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Start with what?​


John 2:1-11 (NET)


One of our kids favorite meals when they were growing up eating “breakfast for supper” and I gotta say I never got into it. Maybe it was my upbringing in the restaurant business, but I was pretty much a stick in the mud about it. Things had to be prepared, served and eaten in a certain order. It felt wrong. But it wasn’t a big deal really, so whatever.

But we all have an innate sense of how things should be done, in what order. We may be total rebels when it comes to some things, but are pure traditionalists when it comes to other things. This week we come upon a story of Jesus that seems to be somewhat “out of order”, but even in that, (maybe especially in that) there is something to be revealed.

Let’s dig in, shall we? Bon appetit.

J. Ray and the teaching crew

Big Idea:

Jesus' incarnation ushers in the start of the fullness of God’s Kingdom, and that demands a party.

Take Away:

The Kingdom of God is one bringing freedom, restoration, renewal and resurrection. It starts with a taste of the reward. It is a gift, something to be received, not earned.

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

If any story fits our practice of “belong, become, believe” this may be it. First the party, “y’all come on in! Yes, ALL Y’ALL!” This practice, our taking the pitchers and filling them up even though the time for washing is well over, we do because we’re told to, not because we necessarily understand. Then, and so often only then, do we believe.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why would John record this as the first miracle? Why is it here in the chronology of Jesus' life according to John?

  • What would your first miracle be if you were Jesus? How does this change the way you think about following Jesus?

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?


Len Sweet on the symbolism of the event.

What's Next?

Betty leads us through the call of the disciples.

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