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The Meet Cute | Learning Guide

April 23rd, 2023


Exodus 2:23 (NET)​


The classic romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, begins with the interviews of a series of couples who share stories of how they met. In film these moments are referred to as the “meet cute,” defined as the charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship. It’s their relational origin story, and though all unique, patterns emerge. There’s a knowing. Effort was made, whether it was riding up 9 extra floors on an elevator or crossing the dance floor. Once they’ve met, each one’s trajectory changes in line with the other. Even when distance, circumstances, and sometimes other people got in the way, ultimately, they didn’t forget one another. It wasn’t always easy, but they’re together in the end.

In our teaching team meeting, Betty commented that our scripture today is essentially the meet cute between God and Israel. In other words, this verse marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship between God and the people of Israel—not just the patriarchs or a select few, but the community. As with the stories shared by the couples in the movie that began to reveal relational patterns, we see this emergence of themes in the story of scripture as well.

Join us this weekend as we explore what the themes and patterns are and what they might reveal to us.

Laura and the teaching team


Big Idea: When the Israelites moved from silence to voicing their pain, God heard, and it was world changing.

Take Away:

When we cry out about the pain and injustice around us, God hears, and it just might be world changing.


How Does This Fit with Become, Belong, Believe?

This verse is the origin story of the people of Israel knowing they belonged to God. It is also a key moment in the story of God’s aim for us all to know we belong.


Questions for Table Fellowships and personal devotions

  • Who is being silenced in the world today? Why? What would it take to make a change?

  • What pains are being voiced in the world today? What pain do we need to voice? How can we use our voices to help others in pain?

  • Where might we be mistaking chaos for order? Why? What would it take to make a change?

What's Next?

The story of Exodus continues at our retreat next week!

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