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There Is Enough | Learning Guide

July 9th, 2023


Last Saturday we met out at Boston Mountain Youth Ranch and shared some of the things we learned during the week. One of the big things, something that even became a “Ranch Rule” was “there is enough”. This may sound simple, but we humans sure have trouble with it. We have whole economies and political structures built on the belief in limited resources. As a result, we fight and hoard and exclude and worry ourselves sick. But what if there really was enough? And what even does enough mean? This week we’re going to continue to look at what experiencing God’s provision looks like.

Grace and peace y’all

John Ray and the Teaching Team

Big Idea:

In God’s economy there is always enough.

Take Away:

Understanding what enough is, and trusting there really is enough is a practice of faith. It can only happen when we are in community.


Exodus 16:17-21 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

Belonging is rooted in the idea there is enough for everyone. This is what makes room for others. At Grace, we practice making room as a way of becoming more and more like Jesus. This practice is dictated by what we confess to believe and also informs our confession.

What's Next?

Suzanne Bridges of St. James Baptist shares with us!

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