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“The church is to be a living exegesis of the gospel.” — Michael J. Gorman



Friends, we are the Church. And we were made for times like this.


This is where the Church gets to live what we confess in times of ease and comfort, practice what we declare to be true. This is where we get to be the “living exegesis (explanation, demonstration)” of the Good News.


The most often-repeated command in the Bible is “fear not/do not worry.” Here, for example. And here. And here. And here and here and here.


You might notice a pattern emerging.


Think about what Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25-34. These are not empty words, promises meant never to be tested. This is deep truth, ultimate reality. And it’s only in times like these that we get to understand and experience them in deeper ways.


Grace Church, we will not fear. We will move forward with sobriety, responsibility and sacrificial obedience to God. We will organize our meetings and resources, and utilize our gifts and talents, for the greatest benefit of those in the most need. This is an opportunity for Grace Church to get out front and be the voice of faith over fear, generosity over hoarding, peace over panic, service over selfishness.


So first of all, let’s commit to pray. Every day. Without ceasing. Let’s pray for those who are sick, vulnerable, homeless, alone, lonely, overwhelmed, grieving, angry, afraid. And let’s pray for first responders in every sector. Let’s ask God for wisdom, provision, courage, energy and empathy; let’s ask for help to be patient, kind, generous of spirit and supernaturally in tune with where and how to be Jesus’ hands and feet.


If you’ve found ways to serve and want to share these opportunities with the Grace Church community, email here. If you want to give time or money, or both, visit these websites for ideas:


Fayetteville Public Education Foundation

Fayetteville Together

COVID-19 Family Relief Fund


Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the American Red Cross

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation Crisis Relief Fund

Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas

7Hills Homeless Center

US Bartenders Guild National Charity Foundation COVID-19 Relief Campaign


Finally, facts are especially valuable during uncertain times. The Centers for Disease Control posts updated information about coronavirus here; you can find local information and updates from the City of Fayetteville here.


If you have questions or needs, reach out to the Grace Church Catalyst Team here.

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