Table Groups

TABLE GROUP SIGN UP DEADLINE HAS PASSED. We will have new groups starting after these ones finish after Christmas. To get connected with us, please email

Who was invited to the table was a mark of Jesus ministry.  In a culture where status was often most evident at a meal, was the exact place and simple metaphor Jesus used to change everything, forever.  Table groups at Grace are intended to be a modern extension of something great Jesus started.  At Grace, we want to create space for having a meal with someone you would not normally have spent time with or had a chance to know in the normal rhythms of life. 
Community happens best when people gather around a shared interest and share a meal.  Table groups at Grace are short time frame (2 to 4 month) opportunities for the convergence of a shared passion/interest and a meal to draw people together and give people a sense of “Belonging”.  We hope that new friendships form, perspectives expand, and people at Grace continue to find avenues to serve others and the community at large.

NOTES: 1. Childcare may be provided, but it is up to each group independently to decide that and arrange that based on need. Please reach out to the group you're interested in and if you need childcare let them know. 2. It is possible that if there are surges due to the pandemic that these groups could pivot to virtual means instead of in person. If you do go in person, we encourage you to get vaccinated and wear your mask. 3. You do NOT need to be a regular attendant of Grace Church to join a table group.

  • Discovering Grace Table Group 

    • There’s a lot of talk these days about what the church has been, and what it needs to be.  Join us for a six-week group that will as we discuss and explore what that means for us.

    • Watch the Video Introduction Here

    • Facilitators: Cornetts, McEwens ​

    • Start date is Monday, Sept. 13th-Oct. 18 @ 6:00 pm in East Fayetteville.

  • How Do We Approach and Understand the Bible? 

    • It might seem like a simple question, but the answers (depending on who is responding) can be greatly varied, and definitely worth examining. 

    • Watch the video introduction here.

    • Facilitators: John and Jane Ray

    • Target start date: September 22nd

  • What is the Church and Why Does it Exist? (

    • Facilitators: Hudsons, Essarys

    • Start date is Sept 2, every other week

    • Deep dive into the book "What is the Church and Why Does It Exist?" by David E. Fitch.

  • Women in the Church: Understanding Interpretations of Paul's Writings (Note: by Tassel Collective,)

    • Watch the video introduction here.

    • What is all this Biblical Manhood and Womanhood talk lately? Not sure what complementarianism or egalitarianism even is? Join us as we seek to hear what the Scripture has to say about being men and women together.

    • Facilitators: Lizz Weaver, Shannon Barrowcliff 

    • Start Date is September 12th, Sundays at 4:30pm, for 7 weeks at a location in East Fayetteville, AR.