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Explanation: The service of Tenebrae, meaning “darkness” or “shadows,” has been practiced by the church since medieval times. Once a service for the monastic community, Tenebrae later became an important part of the worship of the common folk during Holy Week. We join Christians of many generations throughout the world in using the liturgy of Tenebrae.


This remembrance can be done alone or with a group (in person or gathered electronically). 


Opening Reading: Isaiah 53:2-12


Candle Lighting:

Light 11 candles and 1 Christ candle extinguish

one after each reading saving Christ candle 


Song:  Lead Me to the Cross


First Reading: Matthew 21:1-11

Second Reading: Matthew 26:20-25

Third Reading: Matthew 26:26-30


Song: The Wonderful Cross


Fourth Reading: Matthew 26:31-35

Fifth Reading: Mark 14:32-41

Sixth Reading: Matthew 26:47-52

Seventh Reading: Luke 22:54-62

Eighth Reading: John 18:33-38

Ninth Reading: Matthew 27:20-26

Tenth Reading: Mark 15:16-20

Eleventh Reading: John 19:17-24


Song: Were you There? 


End Reading: Psalm 22:1-31


Depart in Silence