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There is a spiritual practice that I’ve been engaged with sometime now that I’ve grown to appreciate more and more. It’s the practice of “greeting the dawn”. It’s simple really. You just wake up and settle in before the sky begins to get light and then as the dawn comes you sit and listen and watch. I usually do this with a cup of coffee in hand and a mind already racing with thoughts, but as I concentrate and listen (the birds all erupt in song as the sun crests the horizon) I find myself rooted and present in ways that seem impossible at other times

Friends, Easter, for us followers of Jesus, is the ultimate sunrise of our faith. It is the time when the chorus of creation breaks out in an unrestrained, joyous song. It is the definitive overcoming of darkness and night. It is the time when everything is new again. And just like the practice of waking up early in the morning to catch the dawn, it is something totally done for us, something we can’t create or control. 

Even if getting up before dawn on a daily basis seems a bit much to you, don’t miss out our Easter celebration this Sunday at Boston Mountain Youth Ranch and the chance to bear witness to the promise of the renewal of all things.

Grace and peace y’all, 

John Ray and the teaching team


Big Idea

Easter is the ultimate revelation of the truth of Jesus, who He is, what He said and did, and everything necessary about us.

Take Away

The revelation of Jesus is something we can never fully comprehend, but must make essential to our very being. This takes intentional, regular, sacrificial attention to all it offers.


Luke 24:1-35 (NET)

How does this fit with Belong, Become, Believe?

The welcome that Jesus offers to even those he calls “fools” should be enough for us to offer welcome and belonging to any who would want to be part of Grace. This practice helps form us more and more into who we would become and is formed by and informs our confession of what we believe.

What’s Next?

Betty’s on deck to lead us through Hebrews 5:1–14

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